Kollegium Aloisianum

Excursion to Ireland: 21st to 28th of October


“How magnificent art thou, Emerald Isle”, Shakespeare would have said if he had ever been to Ireland. The students of this year´s fifth grade did not pick these posh words; however, they were not less impressed by the green island up north. We stayed in Galway for a week and could even spend a day in Dublin for getting further impressions of Ireland. Every morning, after having a nutritious Irish breakfast, our students attended English lessons at a renowned language school, where young and motivated teachers did their utmost to improve our students´ English skills using a wide range of playful teaching methods. The afternoons included cultural programmes – be it a treasure hunt in shopping centres, a walking tour through historical Galway, a guided exploration of Dublin´s Trinity College, or an informative sight-seeing tour on a double-decker bus. Also, a full evening´s entertainment was provided every day: we took typical Irish dancing lessons, had Irish stew in local pubs, listened to Irish live music, and were amazed by Galway´s Halloween parade. The weekends were totally special as we visited the well-known Cliffs of Moher, let the Atlantic winds mess with our hair and had a blast whilst bowling. Our students enjoyed living with their host families, experiencing the Irish way of life and building new friendships. To put it into a nutshell, our trip to Galway and Dublin was marvellous and will be stored in our hearts forever.

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